For people who have bulging veins on the surface of their legs (varicose veins), an Endovenous Ablation alone is often not enough to take care of the problem. Although smaller surface veins may regress, larger surface veins will generally not resolve with Endovenous Ablation alone. For people who have varicose veins, a Microphlebectomy is frequently necessary.

Microphlebectomy Procedure

In the Microphlebectomy procedure, the bulging surface veins are anesthetized with local anesthesia. Then tiny nicks are made over the veins bulging veins and removed with a tiny crochet hook. Unlike the old fashioned vein stripping procedure, these nicks, for most patients, result in minimal pain and swelling.

Recovery From Microphlebectomy

Some bruising, discomfort and swelling are to be expected after a Microphlebectomy. Swelling and pain can be minimized with compression garments and over-the-counter pain medications, and are usually only temporary. **Patients will be able to walk and carry on with normal activities immediately after the procedure, though they will have to wear compression stockings for about ten days. They can usually return to work the next day, although exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided for about two weeks.

**Individual results may vary

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