Laser Tattoo Removal featuring enLIGHTen

Removing the full range of tattoos and pigmentary concerns requires the ideal combination of technologies—the right wavelengths, the right pulse durations and the right energy levels. enlighten™ brings those features together in one complete system.

The Vein and Laser Center has the new enLIGHTen laser by Cutera. It is the only laser that utilizes both nano-second and pico-second pulse lengths along with 1064 + 760 + 532 nano-meter wavelengths. This three wavelength and dual pulse system allows us to treat a wide range of tattoo ink colors, which may result in faster, less painful, and fewer treatments. The enLIGHTen can also treat other stubborn skin discolorations. The enLIGHTen laser is also able to treat dark-skinned people, which most lasers cannot do. The new 670 ruby wavelength is invaluable in removing previously difficult to remove blue/green colored tattoos.

Most tattoos can be removed in three to eight treatments**, each spaced from three to six weeks apart. However, depending on ink color, ink type and age of the tattoo, some tattoos cannot be completely removed. You can get more information when we see you in the clinic.

You will have about a fifteen minute no-obligation consultation with our staff to get an estimate of the timetable for your tattoo removal and to get an estimate of the cost of the procedure. If you decide to proceed, then at your option, you may have your first treatment at that time.

Your actual cost will be determined at your initial appointment and will be based on the size of your tattoo, its age, its color(s) and its ink type.

** Individual results may vary.

Individual results may vary

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